Health Guarantees:

Isle of Standard Poodles guarantees your puppy to be free from infectious diseases for 3 days after puppy leaves our premises, and guarantees puppies to be free from genetic problems for up to two years of age. Hip and joint problems can be caused or influenced by many things, failure to maintain proper weight, failure to provide sufficient exercise, accidents, and other factors that would be out of our control during the puppy’s development.

We will provide purchasers with a happy, healthy, clean puppy in good general health with no known physical or genetic defects.

De-worming and immunizations set forth by our veterinarian will have been completed as shown. Dr. Dobbs vaccine schedule must also be followed for our guarantee to be honored. Dr, Dobbs schedule amounts to less vaccines, you will be given a copy and can find one on our Nutrition page. While it is generally recognized that intestinal parasites and ear mites are common in puppies, and part of a puppy’s early development, we will make every effort to prevent such parasites. Often, the stress of change and travel can cause intestinal parasites to emerge after the puppy has left its mother. Buyer agrees to continue parasite testing and treatment (if necessary) with their veterinarian. De-worming will have been done at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age and the puppy’s vaccinations will be administered at 7 to 8 weeks of age with additional treatments if the pup remains in our possession beyond 10 weeks according to recognized schedules.

1. New owners can take their puppy to their veterinarian within the 3 days of purchase for complete examination if they feel the need.

2. If the purchaser’s veterinarian finds the puppy to be in poor health, the veterinarian’s written description of the problems must be provided and dated within 3 days of the date purchaser received their puppy in which case the buyer will be refunded the purchase price when the puppy is returned to the seller, at the buyer’s expense.

3. New owners agree to keep their puppy at home and away from dog parks and public places and will use care in allowing others from outside their home to pet or touch the puppy. This is to protect the puppy from exposure to parvo virus and other infectious illnesses until the immunizations are complete. New owners will not enroll the puppy in obedience training classes until that time – usually at 16 to 20 weeks of age, according to the veterinarian’s schedule if you decide to do so this will be at your own risk.

4. Additionally, our puppies will be guaranteed for 2 years against genetic diseases. Veterinarian’s examination findings along with documented proof of tests performed through second parties, will need to be submitted to the seller no later than two months after the puppy’s 2nd birthday, complete with written proof from the AKC, or CKC that the puppy has never sired or whelped a litter. If all criteria have been met, the buyer will be refunded the purchase price upon return of the puppy to the breeder (seller), at the buyer’s expense. I understand if you are to attached to part with your puppy/ dog , then we will refund 1/3 of the funds you paid for your dog to help with any medical expenses. The buyer also has the option to have the puppy replaced as an alternate choice to a refund, providing there is one available. This guarantee is only applicable to the original purchaser. If the puppy/dog is sold and placed elsewhere, the breeder will no longer be liable for any issues arising after the resale has taken place. All charges incurred in the transportation costs will be at the buyers expense.

Sellers and Purchasers agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement.

Health guarantee is made part of the signed document.

Date of Agreement_____________________________

Buyer’s Name: ___________________________________

Seller’s Name: Jo-Ellen Curtis ( Isle of Standard Poodles) .We will communicate with you about the progress and the arrival of the litter. Puppy pictures and descriptions will be sent periodically to those on the waiting lists, by e-mail. Thank you for selecting Jo-Ellen (isle of Standard Poodles) to provide you with your new lifelong friend and loving family member.

Please keep in touch, and I love emails, and pictures.

Thank you for giving our puppies the wonderful home they deserve.




All puppies are first sold as pet quality on a CKC NON BREEDING CONTRACT. Although the breeder does their best to place the appropriate puppies into appropriate homes (i.e show puppy), all puppies are sold as PET QUALITY ONLY for the regular selling price of PET QUALITY puppies.

Should any of these terms be broken, breeder reserves the right to confiscate the dog and any puppies produced, and there will be a $10,000 fine. Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with breeding and titling this dog.

Should any terms and conditions of this non breeding agreement be breached, the Breeder Joellen Curtis, of Isle of Standard Poodles, reserves the right to sieze the above named dog and any puppies produced by the above named dog. Breach of Non Breeeding Contract, will result in a file of claim against the offending party, in the amount of $25,000. This claim will be filed against the offending party and the associated parties. This could result in a claim against your property.


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