When I purchased my first Standard Poodle, it was 1988. Her name was 'Bridgett" Torbec Golden Bridge and she was a sweet apricot.
I was in Palm Springs at a body building retreat and the owner, Frank Zane, had a wonderful white Standard Poodle and I fell
in love with her calm, sweet personality. When I left the retreat I couldn't get her off my mind. My next stop was Las
Vegas, and I started to search the classified ads and found the only litter of Standards for sale was in Toronto Canada. The funny
thing was that was only 2 hours from my home town of London. I called and, after a short conversation, I purchased her sight unseen. It was the beginning of a life devoted to Standard Poodles.
Prior to my first Standard Poodle I bred Great Danes.
I loved the breed, but due to the lack of buyer awareness in regard to their habits and size I found my heart could no
longer breed them.
I still wanted an intelligent and loyal dog as the Danes were but a dog that didn't shed.
I also wanted a dog that would be protective, but not to the extent that I had to worry when neighbor's or children came
into the yard.
After owning Bridgett for just over a year, I decided that I wanted to breed Standard Poodles.
I was on the hunt for a stud. I found the perfect dog from Lavia Kennels and he had his Canadian Champion.
His name was "Omar" Ch. Lavia's Obvious Choice He received his champion in just 3 weekends when he was 10 months of age, he was handled by Peter Scott of Quelph Ontario.
Omar and I both loved and needed each other equally. He had a wonderful pedigree and was the smartest, kindest, and most loyal dog
I had ever had the pleasure to own. He also had amazing social skills.

My goal was, and is, to raise healthy, affectionate poodles.
I also want "forever homes" for all my wonderful puppies to go to.
In order to ensure this, I practice the following:
* Study the characteristics and development of Standard Poodles.
* Socialize all my puppies with lots of love and attention.
* Start "duty" training and stairs at 6 weeks of age.

*Bio Sensor, loving inviroment , music, toys, habitual feeding times etc.

*Crate training
* Have non-breeding contracts.
* Raise all pups in my home.
* Return policy
* Guarantee

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All puppies are first sold as pet quality on a CKC NON BREEDING CONTRACT. Although the breeder does their best to place the appropriate puppies into appropriate homes (i.e show puppy), all puppies are sold as PET QUALITY ONLY for the regular selling price of PET QUALITY puppies.

Should any of these terms be broken, breeder reserves the right to confiscate the dog and any puppies produced, and there will be a $10,000 fine. Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with breeding and titling this dog.

Should any terms and conditions of this non breeding agreement be breached, the Breeder Joellen Curtis, of Isle of Standard Poodles, reserves the right to sieze the above named dog and any puppies produced by the above named dog. Breach of Non Breeeding Contract, will result in a file of claim against the offending party, in the amount of $25,000. This claim will be filed against the offending party and the associated parties. This could result in a claim against your property.